Monday, March 15, 2010

Kids Craft of the Week

Easy Styrofoam Bluebird

Today's craft is courtesy of Kids Craft Weekly

This pensive little bluebird is even simpler to make than it looks. Once kids get the hang of using a skewer to make holes in the polystyrene they will happily come up with their own exotic bird species!

You will need

• two small polystyrene balls
• wooden skewer
• kid's pvc glue
• acrylic paint and brush
• match sticks
• scissors
• googly eyes
• four feathers

1. Paint the polystyrene balls. I have found that this is easiest if you skewer the balls first.

2. Attach head and body using half a matchstick and a spot of glue. Then stick matchstick legs into the body.

3. Use a skewer to make holes for two wings, a tail and a feather on the top of the head. Then stick in the feathers.

4. Glue on googly eyes and use half a match stick as a beak.

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