Sunday, November 25, 2012

Browser Plugins We Love: Privacyfix by Privacychoice


If you are tired of having to be on top of your Facebook privacy settings then I highly recommend you download Privacyfix and  instantly check your privacy settings across Facebook, Google and the other websites and companies collecting your data. PrivacyFix, a free plugin for Chrome that tells you how your online activity is being tracked, and fills in your online privacy holes with a click. But that’s not the best part. Unlike other tracker blocker plugins, PrivacyFix provides an estimate of exactly how much revenue you generate for Facebook and Google through your online activities.

You can get to the fix with one click and know when policies change. They don't collect any data from your use of Privacyfix, unless you choose to send it to them. Privacyfix don't store IP addresses and they cannot and do not see or save your web browsing. 
Privacy Fix has another feature that we think is super cool called "Health Bar", which helps you to keep protected on web. The health bar use two colors Orange & Green to indicate security measure. Orange color of Health Bar indicates Security violation while Green indicates no any threats.

To give PrivacyFix a go, click here and install the plugin. (Just member: It only works for Chrome, at the moment.)

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