Friday, February 26, 2010

Could You Have a Bluebird Personality?

What are Bluebird People?

Bluebird People are learning to embrace the beauty, love, and happiness that live within themselves.

In mythology a bluebird is a guardian of all passages and transitions that we make or are about to make. Bluebirds are considered a sign of spring and a symbol of love, happiness, prosperity, and good health.

Bluebirds have life long partners and are therefore one of the few animals that have relationships. The legend says that when a bluebird shows up, we are about to see a change in the climate. Darkness will soon fade and more sunshine will arrive. Bluebirds hold the energy of gentleness. They are not aggressive and will avoid confrontation whenever possible. They are patient and observant birds and choose to spend their time enjoying life, however, if a bluebird is provoked it will stand its ground and defend itself.
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