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Explore Georgia: Tybee Island Tips No One Tells You About

Ever wonder how can you maximize your visit to Tybee Island? We have gathered the best insider tips so you can plan a dream trip to one of the most unique places you'll ever visit. BEST PLACE TO LAY DOWN YOUR TOWEL Park near the Tybee Beach Beach and Pavilion ( Tybrisa St, Tybee Island, GA 31328) use the bridge  in front of the Tybee Island Marine Center  turn right and walk towards the rock formation close to the sand dunes. This portion of the beach has a smoother sand, lots of shallow areas that are perfect for little kids to bathe safely, is less crowded, and because it's close to the sand dunes you will see a large variety of seaside birds.
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The Best Thing You Can Do When Anxiety and Automatic Negative Thoughts Steal Your Sleep

Chronic sleep deprivation can raise your levels of anxiety, depression and negative thinking. Researchers found that people who reported frequent sleep disturbances have difficulty disengaging attention on unhealthy negative thoughts and emotions especially at night. Automatic negative thoughts can be switch off without medication or the need of meditation with basic strategies. Now the strategies I'm discussing today are aimed specifically when you are already in bed, tired, but unable to shut off your brain and fall asleep. You know that moment, when all the lights are off and your body is screaming "gurl" you better nap or every organ, muscle and tissue inside of you is going to lose it. “The less sleep you have, the longer it takes them to get over a negative emotion. While some people naturally tend to fixate on things more than others, poor sleep makes fixation worse.” You feel the tension on your shoulders, you are burnout and exhauste

How to Build a Resume That Stands Out Visually To Help Your Teen Land Their First Job

Creating a captivating resume that sparkles bright enough to catch an employer's attention is an art on its own terms. With the ramp up pressure kids experience at school and the need to sign up to too many extracurricular activities, it’s no surprise how the number of teens employed have been declining over the past decades. There are many benefits (and risks) of adolescent employment. The decision to allow your teen to have an after school job should be a well thought-out family decision based on how well they can manage responsibilities, time management and money. But if your teen is ready to take the plunge the first thing they need to figure out is how to build a resume that stands out even if they don’t have any work experience. But where to start? How do can you create a snapshot of your ambitions, show your strengths and interests and captive an employers attention? This is the part Canvas comes in and rescues the day. If you are unfa

The Best Cannabis Pet Supplements On Amazon That Helped Our Dog Walk Again

I have a Cocker Spaniel at home that is 12 years old. He suffers from severe hip dysplasia a n abnormal formation of the hip socket that, in its more severe form, can eventually cause crippling lameness and painful arthritis of the joints. The dysplasia is so severe that at one point he lost all mobility. He was basically a paralyzed dog. It was heartbreaking hearing him cry because he couldn't move or walk to his food bowl. We had to put him in diapers and put dog pads because he couldn't go outside. He was in so much pain that at one point he didn't want anyone to touch him. I immediately went online searching for a solution and started educating myself about pet products with hemp or cannabis oil. 

Five Tips to Plan and Maximize To The Fullest Your College Campus Visit

Experiencing a college campus tour for the first time is always an exciting riveting experience. A campus tour is the best way to equip your future student with the right tools when the time comes to make all the important decisions about college. The more they are exposed to all the formalities they learn during their visit (admission requirements, financial aid, academic programs, housing), the easier is for them to narrow down their choices and come one step closer to find an institution that is the right fit for their financial and educational needs. Let's be real, you just cannot get the campus feel online or through a catalog, you need to be physically there and experience yourself all the things it has to offer. If you are planning a college campus visit in the near future here are 5 tips from my personal experience to maximize your experience.

Annie On Tour, A Musical That Brings Families Together Through Laughter

Leapin' lizards, you are going to like it here! Broadway in Atlanta 2016-17 season is proving to be one extremely successful. With  Broadway-caliber, live performances for fabulous prices, rollicking musicals, family-friendly productions and classic plays, you can always count on them for great live theatre.  We had a blast last night during the media night of Annie The Musical. This heartwarming musical brought smiles, laughter and happy tears to the audience. ‬Annie is a Broadway musical based upon the popular Harold Gray comic strip Little Orphan Annie. The plot of the play begins in the depths of the 1930's with Annie, a fiery spunky young red-headed orphan girl who must live in a miserable orphanage run by the tyrannical Miss Hannigan. Her seemingly hopeless situation change s dramatically when she is selected to spend a short time at the residence of the wealthy munitions industrialist, Oliver Warbucks.   Annie The Musical, was uplifting, crowd-pleasi

Family Night Out at The Atlanta Fair: Useful Tips and Tidbits For Your Next Visit

Every year we always take the kids to visit the Atlanta Fair so it's fair to say we have some useful tips and tidbits for your next visit. Tip #1: Always, check the weather and follow Atlanta Fair on Twitter. In the case of bad weather, the fair can close abruptly. Also, if you are unfamiliar with the weather in Atlanta it can be 70 degrees by 4 pm and 40 degrees by 9 pm so dress comfortable, but take in consideration it will get breezy and cold at night depending on the day. Tip #2: Fairs starts to get super crowded as soon as the sun starts setting down. If you have small children (or impatient teens that dislike having to wait) the best time to visit is at 1 pm.