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How to Build a Resume That Stands Out Visually To Help Your Teen Land Their First Job

Creating a captivating resume that sparkles bright enough to catch an employer's attention is an art on its own terms.

With the ramp up pressure kids experience at school and the need to sign up to too many extracurricular activities, it’s no surprise how the number of teens employed have been declining over the past decades.
There are many benefits (and risks) of adolescent employment. The decision to allow your teen to have an after school job should be a well thought-out family decision based on how well they can manage responsibilities, time management and money.

But if your teen is ready to take the plunge the first thing they need to figure out is how to build a resume that stands out even if they don’t have any work experience.

But where to start? How do can you create a snapshot of your ambitions, show your strengths and interests and captive an employers attention?
This is the part Canvas comes in and rescues the day. If you are unfamiliar Canvas, this is a graphic-design t…

Cityscape to Madison, GA - The #1 Small Town in America

Happiness is a small town life. 
Did you know that according to a recent study if you want to be happier you should live in a country town with fewer than 30,000 people. Maybe that's why so many people have chosen Madison, GA as their favorite place to raise a family, grow old, and build a legacy.  

52 miles east of Atlanta; 73 miles west of Augusta; 21 miles north of Eatonton in Georgia's Piedmont, Madison is the seat of MorganCounty.

Madison has the 2nd largest designated historic district in Georgia . This time-warp town, with charm galore, is a national treasure of antebellum architecture.

Madison is a living example of a small southern town, full of charm, and southern hospitality.
The town of Madison is jammed with national treasures, beautiful rural sceneries, antebellum mansions, Victorian homes, museums, antique shops, and splendid manicured gardens.

Antebellum travelers called it "the wealthiest and most aristocratic village between Charleston and New Orleans.&quo…

Family Fin Fest Night at the Georgia Aquarium

If you haven't visit the Georgia Aquarium brace yourself. This is a beautiful place and an amazing site to see. 

Georgia Aquarium is considered one of Atlanta best tourist spots and is the world's largest aquarium with more than 8.5 million gallons of marine and fresh water housing more than 120,000 animals of 500 different species.

I was lucky enough to win 4 tickets to the “Family Fin Fest” event. I was able to enjoy private access to the aquarium and have a kid-friendly dinner with the whole family. 

It was wonderful seeing so many families interacting and supporting each other. I personally loved watching the kids laughing at the sight of the beluga whales. I had no idea the whales love playing with a green blanket. So cute!!

Fin fest is a fund-raising events held throughout the year to benefit MarcusAutismCenter, an affiliate of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

As a not-for-profit organization, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta relies on fundraisers, donations, and vol…

Top Happiness "Postsecret" Confessions

Review: Fernbank Museum Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids exhibit

Fernbank Museum Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids exhibit explores the science behind mythical creatures.
When I first heard I was invited to a private preview of Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids exhibit, currently on view at theFernbankMuseum all I could think about was how a museum can make an exhibition that is not based on science. Much to my surprise, I was shocked to discover the real science behind this amazing exhibit.

The exhibit theorizes the kraken may be based on sightings of the corpses of giant squids, which have been known to wash up on shores. Or that legends about giant men or giant birds might come from people finding fossils and trying to make sense of what kind of creature could have had such large bones.

I was also fascinated to learn how the myth of the giant one-eye Cyclops was born or how Unicorns end up being mentioned on the bible.
Mythic Creatures is divided into five sections:
The Introduction welcomes visitors and brings them face-to-face …

An Insight into Georgia Happiest Camp: Meet Camp Sunshine an Organization Dedicated to Enriching the Lives of Children with Cancer

When I first heard of Camp Sunshine my mind immediately took me back to the time when my baby brother was diagnosed with cancer. I was a child by then, but I remember vividly the toll this took on my family. Looking backwards, what a difference would it have made to our family if we had participated in a program aimed to help families coping with terminal illness. Childhood cancer is a cruel disease that has a tremendous impact on the families affected. At any given time, cancer holds 10,700 American children in its grip. It robs them, and their families, of the laughter and joy that should be part of every childhood.
Camp Sunshine is a nonprofit organization in Decatur, Georgia, that is dedicated to enriching the lives of children with cancer and their families through recreational, educational and support programs.
Founded in 1982 by Dorothy Jordan, a pediatric nurse. It began as a summer camp for children with cancer and held its first camp in 1983 with 44 children. Camp Sunshine be…