Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bigger smile means longer life, study says

Did you know that people who flash big smiles tend to have more wrinkles around their eyes but the trade-off is they may also live longer. Researchers from Wayne State University in Detroit evaluated the photographs of 230 Major League Baseball players who started playing before 1950, rating their smiles as nonexistent to full.

"People who had the most intense smiles lived the longest, compared to the other two," said Ernest L. Abel, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology and of psychology at Wayne State. "The more intense smile, we infer, indicates an underlying happiness, if you will, a more positive attitude," he said. "It's hard to fake an intense smile."

The big smilers had what is known as a Duchenne smile, named after the French neurologist who discovered it. Cheeks and the corners of the mouth are raised, and crows-feet wrinkles appear around the eyes.

Can you identify which of these images depicts a man expression a Duchenne a.k.a. genuine smile, versus a fake one?

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