Friday, January 21, 2011

David Crowder Band - Oh Happiness Music Video

I am always on the look out for uplifting and  inspirational music to add to my 10 y/o MP3. While browsing at videos in youtube this video came up. It was love at first note. I absolutely love the arrangement and the energy of the song.

The song is "Oh Happinness" by David Crowder Band.  The David Crowder Band (marketed as David Crowder*Band) is a six-piece Christian Modern Worship band from Waco, Texas. The band began when David Crowder, from Texarkana, Texas, realized that almost half of the students at Baylor University were not attending church, which he found surprising since it is a Christian university.

He and Chris Seay started University Baptist Church (Waco, Texas) in 1995 while he was still a student. Crowder led worship there and continued to do so throughout the year. The church's congregation grew, as did the band's lineup.

 Here are the lyrics

Oh, happiness
There’s grace enough for us
And the whole human race

(Verse 1)
Friend or foe
Stranger or kin
All who come
Begin again
Hard or frail
Rich or poor
All in need
Need fear no more
Such a thing to give away

(Verse 2)
All regrets
Let go, forget
There’s something that
Mends all of it
Such a thing to give away

Sound the church bells
Let them ring
Let them ring
For everything can be redeemed
We can be redeemed
Oh,all of us
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