Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Turquoise Finds" Round-up of the Week

Oh "la vie" in turquoise. How wonderful it is. Can't really imagine any other color that brings me more happiness than this one. There have been tons of new products out there lately with turquoise as the main color. Here's a few of my faves. 

 From Urban Outfitters

Wheeled Linen Dress Form


 Whales Shower Curtain


 World Map Wall Decal


 Paisley Dot Wallpaper 

(Literally pulling my hairs for this one)


Z- Gallerie


 Mariposa Table Lamp - Aquamarine


Mariposa Collection - Aquamarine


Everglades Square Tray - Aquamarine

Everglades Travel Accessories - Aquamarine

Ceramic Books - Aquamarine Set of 8


 Votive - Aquamarine



Mariposa Pillar Holders - Aquamarine



Filigree Urn - Aquamarine 

(Yes please!!)



Mimosa Panels - Aquamarine

(Having intense palpitations...)

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