Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Bucket Full of Happiness - Strawberry Season at Washington Farm is Back!!

If you never taken your family for strawberry picking you are missing a perfect "Hallmark" moment. Strawberries, often grown in royal gardens, signifies prosperity and to many the beginning of summer. 

This red and juicy gems, full of sweet and tart goodness are loaded with vitamin C, potassium, sodium and iron as well as being low in calories.

Washington farms is always our farm of choice when it comes to strawberry picking. They have two locations one in  Watkinsville and the other in Loganville, Georgia. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 8 am  to 8 pm, and they are closed on Sundays.

   Prices are quite reasonable. Pick is $10.00 per gallon bucket, pre-picked $12.00 per gallon bucket, and picking bucket is $1.00 if you keep it. You can bring containers to take the berries home.

If you are planning to take your family for strawberry picking  keep in mind the following tips:
Each strawberry "bed" generally has 2 “rows” of plants. Pick along one row and let someone else pick the other side.
   Pick only the berries that are fully red, even little and oddly shaped ones – if everybody leaves those behind, they’ll eventually go moldy and infect the bigger fruit. Keep in mind the small  berries are often most flavorful.

   Do the math and be careful not to over-purchase as strawberries quickly mold when left at room temperature, and only last a couple of days in the refrigerator. You can easily freeze berries that you can not use right away - just wash, cut the hulls off and pop them into a ziplock bag, removing as much air as possible.  


 Ways to use Strawberries


Spinach Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette



Strawberry Dumpling


Fresh Strawberry Pie with Whipped Cream


Strawberry Clouds


 Strawberry-Vanilla Swirled Frozen Pops



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