Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's Get Painting - Exterior Paint Color Inspirations

My landlord has finally decided that's time to paint and the house and has allow us to choose the color scheme. Needless to say,  I immediately went online and searched for "dream houses" in order to find the inspiration needed to pick our color scheme. Here are the top contenders:

Option 1: Southern Coastal 

Option 2: Paint the house in seafoam green, trim in white & shutters in black.

This color combination is KILLING ME!!! I love it so much.
taken by Charlotte Elizabeth Photographer  
Photo published here:
Option 3: Light beige/gray sliding, white trim and turquoise shutters.

 These amazing photos can be found at:
Option 4: Blue & white (So pretty!!)
Photo from Country Living (John Peden) by way of The Inspired Room 
Option 5: All white with black shutters (A timeless classic) 
 Cottage Living, Steven Randazzo
 Option 6: Green and red door
Photo by
So.. the question is... What should I choose? Who says option 1? Option 2? Anyone?
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