Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Blue Christmas

When it comes to Christmas most people like to stay off from using non-traditional colors such as blue, pink, or purple. Besides Santa's suit is red and white? So why mess up with tradition? 
The reality is that the original St Nicholas wore a blue suit. The standardization of Santa's image was probably due to Coca-Cola artist Haddon Sundblom who (in 1931) depicted Santa as a portly, jolly grandfatherly figure with a ruddy complexion and white-fur-trimmed red coat & cap — replacing the pipe with a bottle of Coke. Thirty-five years of annual advertising by the Coca-Cola company using Sundblom's Santa solidified the contemporary image of Santa Claus (but without the Coke). It was a fortunate coincidence that the red & white colors matched those used by Coca-Cola.

So if you really want to stick with "tradition" think outside the box and decorate your home this Christmas in white and blue. Besides making your home look unique and super chic telling the story of the "Blue" Santa Claus will surely impress your guests ;D 

Photos by Monica Buck ~ SouthernLiving.com
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