Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bluebird Travels: Family escape to North Georgia

"I feel blessed to live and raise my family in the south. Life is good in the south and it's not just the weather it's the people. The south is so much more than fried chicken, corn bread, collars greens, and mac and cheese. The south is a place where the term hospitality gets a brand new meaning. Southerns know how to live with an attitude of gratitude. They show class, and take pride on everything they do and always take criticism with grace and poise. Southerns take things slow, enjoy every day, and make the most of what they have."

Liza Cardona



Photos: Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland General Hospital (Free admission), Nocoochee Village (Helen, Ga), Nora Mills Granary - Grist Mill & Country Store (Free demos and samples).
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