Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Making Memories at The Atlanta Fair

With spring comes song birds, fresh flowers, sprouting trees, and fairs. 

OMG! Is the flying chairs. Let's go!!! Spin, spin, spin fasterrr!!!

Feeling a little dizzy I think I need a more calmer ride this time. Hmm?  Maybe I could take pictures from the top. That would be so cool.

Modern Warfare Game $59.99, putting into practice your sniper skills in real life and showing your parents you actually develop a skill by playing video game, PRICELESS.

Oh no, don't let the kids see the fish. Ahh!! Never mind. It's  too late...
5 minutes later: [daughter] "I knew I was going to win a fish.  I had a dream about it last night!!"

Cotton candy, candy apples, snow cones and popcorn, oh my! 
So many options so little time.

You have to pay me to get into this one. I get dizzy real fast ;D

It was a fun night but it's time to head home... and stop at Walmart to buy a new fish bowl sigh...

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