Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our 4th of July Not So Spectacular Firework Experience

I have to admit that there is not a better place to watch fireworks in Georgia than Centennial Park. Is truly a firework extravaganza. We love going every year, however this year we had to leave and move to a different location due to the amount of people at the park. Centennial park was "packed", security was tight and safety seemed to be a top priority. Sounds good right? 

This year Centennial park made a series of restrictions that made people like us regret going there.  After been in line for almost 90 minutes, we were informed that we could not bring our chairs to the park. Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how incredibly uncomfortable is to sit for 5 hrs on the grass? That is if you find a spot to sit...

Just the thought of standing until 9pm sucked all the happiness in the air. We stayed for a while and then our feet started hurting and we all looked at each other and we decided it was best to leave. 

Honestly, we were not enjoying the event and kiddos were getting grumpier by the minute.

We ended up watching the fireworks at Mall of Georgia. We were able to park easily, and open our chairs. 

The relief of being able to chat, eat our munchies and watch the fireworks from our chairs was priceless. 

We felt happy and most important relaxed.

 Happiness is respecting the freedom to celebrate 4th of July where, and how you liked it. 

And yes, happiness is being able to open your chairs without security barking at you....

Viva the freedom to sit!! Viva the freedom to watch fireworks without achy feet!! Viva, viva, Viva!! hip, hip, hooray <3

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