Thursday, August 30, 2012

The war of the kitchen gardens! Quebec couple wins right to farm on their front yard

More than 30,000 gardeners took action over the past three weeks in support of Josée Landry and Michel Beauchamp of Drummondville front yard food garden. Their garden described as "gorgeous and meticulously-maintained edible landscape full of healthy fruits and vegetables" was ordered to be removed by September 1st or face legal consequences. Town officials insisted Beauchamp front yard didn't conform with newly harmonized town code. 

With the help of Kitchen Gardeners International a petition was immediately created with the hopes to create media attention and put pressure on the town officials to allow the Beauchamp to keep their garden.
 The petition reads in part:
Front yard kitchen gardens are not the problem; they're part of the solution to healthier and more sustainable communities. Thanks for helping us to defend them.

Earlier this week,  after the intense pressure from the international media the town officials reversed their decision and allowed the Quebec couple to keep their front yard garden. In fact, town officials were so impressed about the positive reaction the garden had on people that they have invited  Josée Landry and Michel Beauchamp to help shape the city's new guidelines for urban food gardens. 

"It will now be allowed to Drummondville this type of garden in the front yard. However, this practice should be coaching, "announced Mayor, Francine Ruest Jutras.

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