Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happiness Explained: Top 3 Factors for Happiness

For Chinese people, psychological and physical health, harmonious family and stable marriage (or be in love) are the top three factors to happiness.

That's according to a survey conducted by the Women's Studies Center of Peking University, among 4,175 people via Internet or printed questionnaires. The results were released at the ongoing 3rd Asia Women's Forum, which opened in Hong Kong yesterday.

The survey indicated that 26.7 percent of people listed good health as the most important factor to happiness, harmonious family 23 percent and stable marriage (be in love) 19.1 percent.

According to the survey, people with higher education, higher incomes and stable marriage appeared to experience more happiness. 
The survey also indicated good housing conditions, social security system, satisfactory work also positively influence the degree of happiness.

The survey found that among people feeling very happy, 34.5 percent and 43.1 percent of interviewees described their sleeping quality as "very good" and "good" respectively, whereas among people saying they were not happy, 40.6 percent and 18.8 percent people said their sleeping quality were "normal" or "bad." 

Source: Expo China  

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