Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Power2Give: Support Sockly and help the Center For Puppetry Arts bring the joy of puppetry to everyone

Help the Center for Puppetry Arts Knock Your Socks Off!

Words cannot describe how much my kids and I enjoy watching live puppetry at the Center of Puppetry Arts. Every show is a brilliant masterpiece, full of fancy costumes, elaborate sets, magical puppets and wonderfully choreographed musical scenes.

The Center receives many requests to bring puppets to community events, festivals, and schools. They want to create something special for the community and YOU can help!

Give to their project and help them create
Sockly, the Center's dynamic new larger-than-life sock puppet for community outreach. When you see Sockly at festivals and events around Atlanta, and the joy and excitement he brings, you can take pride in knowing that YOU helped bring him to life!

With Sockly, the Center can more effectively meet the needs of those requesting our presence or involvement in the community.

Please give today and help make this project a huge sock-cess! http://power2give.org/atlanta/project/detail?projectid=1041

Donor Benefits:

Donate $10 or more and have your name listed as a Sockly supporter the Center's website.

Donate $50 or more and receive a copy of the original sketch of Sockly.

Donate $100 or more and receive an invitation for two to a behind-the-scenes visit with Sockly's creators, Jon Ludwig and Jason von Hinezmeyer.

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