Monday, October 22, 2012

Happiness Explained: Silly Happiness Tips That Don't Work

I have been watching a lot of videos and interviews online from self-proclaimed "happiness experts" and of the things that struck me the most is how the meaning of the word "happiness" has been used incorrectly over and over again. 

It really worries me to hear so many silly tips on how to "obtain" happiness. I swear if I hear one more silly happiness tip I'll personally send an army of bluebirds to poop on your head! ;) 

Maybe I'm wrong, but proclaiming that you will be happier by organizing your closet, acquiring a perfume collection, jumping up and down or having a memorandum box is as effective as being hungry and taping food all over your body to satisfy your craving.

The problem about all the "happiness tip" out there is the attribution all these "happiness experts" are giving them. Is not what they are saying but what they are suggesting. I understand and acknowledge the principle that happiness, however little, matters, but I'll never accept the principle that happiness has a determinable end and that you will not be happy if you fail to do any of these actions.

You can say organizing your work space increases your productivity and can potentially lower your anxiety levels since it clears you mind and allows you to focus on things that matter. You can also say that odors can trigger pleasant autobiographical memories while jumping up and down  increases your heart rate and helps deliver oxygen to your muscles, therefore, making you feel more energized and in a better mood due to the release of dopamine. But, what you cannot say, or even worse, attribute, is that if you do these things you will become a happier person.

I said it once and I'll say it again, don't put happiness in the same category as joy, pleasure or the absence of pain. Happiness is something more deeper and spiritual so please stop with the silly happiness tips. Just stop it!!

Our minds are powerful weapons with unlimited potential. It takes time to develop the behavior and habits that contribute to our problems so please understand that it will take an equally long time to establish the new habits that bring happiness. Happiness is a unique personal journey of self-understanding, self-acceptance and compassion for others and is  not about perfumes, learning how to edit photos on your computer, making your bed every morning, or creating a memorandum box. Seriously, who think like this??

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