Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oprah Winfrey's unexpected source of happiness

After finishing one of the most successful talk shows in daytime television, the motherhood bug has bitten Oprah Winfrey. After a visit to Africa with Nelson Mandela, Oprah invested all her time and energy in creating one of the most successful girls-only school the world have ever seen. The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy is a girls-only boarding school in Johannesburg, South Africa that provides educational and leadership opportunities for academically gifted girls from impoverished backgrounds in South Africa.

I realized that the only way to create long-term improvement and empowerment, and literally change the trajectory of somebody’s life, is through education,” shared Winfrey in a recent interview with Forbes Magazine.

Education is in fact gate to freedom, but what Winfrey never expected was it will become her gate to motherhood. 'Mom Oprah' is always on call for her African graduates. 

"I am in a really, really, good space. Being able to step into the mother role has brought, unexpectedly, the greatest source of happiness in my life said Winfrey. "

"We’re texting all the time," Winfrey told ABC News’s JuJu Chang recently. "I was on the phone last night for an hour with one of them."

Oprah is moved to tears when graduate Marwiya James is presented with the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Award. 

Watch Oprah's commencement remarks and see why keynote speaker Gra├ža Machel says the graduation is a triumph for the whole country.


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