Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Wake-Up Story - "Healthy Child Healthy Word" and The Fight For The Safe Chemicals Act

Healthy Child Healthy World ignites the movement that empowers parents to protect children from harmful chemicals.

Did you know over 80,000 chemicals have been invented since the 1950s.  There are  200 foreign chemicals in our children's system AT BIRTH. 20% of these chemicals are untested as to their effects on our children?

With a growing body of evidence linking everyday environmental contaminants to asthma, learning disabilities, obesity, cancer and more, Healthy Child translates the science and inspires parents and caregivers to create healthy environments where families can flourish.

For the past two decades Healthy Child Healthy World has been the nation's leading organization of its kind.  They:

  • Expand awareness of unnecessary toxic risks to children's health;
  • Encourage easy actions and responsible lifestyle choices;
  • Advocate for corporate policies and government legislation that protect children from environmental health risks; and,
  • Engage communities to take collective actions to create a healthier world.
Healthy Child Healthy World was founded by James and Nancy Chuda in 1992 after their daughter Colette died from Wilm's tumor — a rare form of non-hereditary cancer.


The Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 can be the change we need, but without your support – industry influence might weaken the regulations and put us right back where we started.

Congress needs to hear from YOU!

Enter your zip code at to find your representatives. Everyone has 2 Senators and 1 Representative. Put together a quick email and send to all three at once. (Maybe attach a picture of your kids to add a personal touch!) A phone call or letter has even more power. And if you can get a face-to-face meeting, you’ll have the biggest impact of all.
In a pinch, you can also send this pre-written email. (Though, take a moment to personalize it a bit or it may be treated like spam by Congressional staff.)

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