Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Japanese Noodle Maker Shares His Secrets to a Happy and Healthy Life (VIDEO)

 Can food bring happiness?

Tetsuo Shimizu, a Japanese farmer and restaurateur from Shogotei Restaurant, shares his wisdom on living a happy and healthy life.  Tetsuo Shimizu has been hand-making udon noodles the same way for the last 45 years. He grows two crops a year of wheat and buckwheat and is a strong advocate of the philosophy “eat only what you can see”.

Weren't you happy after eating those udon noodles today? This kind of spreading smiles... Not that I'm a serious Buddhist but if happiness spreads from what I'm doing, I am happy.”

Shimizu is an inspiration glimpse of a lifestyle that is quickly losing it's appeal to the fast food generation. Hopefully, this new generation will come around and learn to play an active role in the sustainable food movement. 

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