Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happiness Explained: Keeping Yourself Busy in Things That You Love is The Key to a Happy Life

Is being busy the secret to happiness?

A recent study, “Americans Less Rushed But No Happier: 1965–2010 Trends in Subjective Time and Happiness”, suggests the key to a happy life is to be busy but don’t feel rushed.

“Respondent reports of feelings of being ‘always rushed’ declined by 6–9 points from those reported in 2004. The decline was found both among employed and unemployed respondents, indicating it was not simply a function of higher unemployment.”

However, feeling less rushed didn’t seem to have much benefit:

 “people reported feeling no happier even when they were less overwhelmed. The highest levels of happiness were found among people who reported almost never having excess time but almost never feeling rushed.

 In 2009 – 2010 time-pressured people continued to report being less happy even after controls for marital status, employment and other important predictors of happiness. 
Somewhat higher correlations with happiness were found for a related subjective-time question on having excess time on one’s hands”.

So there you have it folks, get busy being happy! Remember, is not about being busy per se, buy about getting busy in things that we love, things that inspire us, don't get it twisted!
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