Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's Happy This Week: Katy Perry Becomes UNICEF Celebrity Supporter - Visits Abused And Abandoned Children in Madagascar


Katy Perry is the latest celebrity UNICEF supporter, and just returned from her life changing trip with the organization this month.

“In less than one week here in Madagascar, I went from crowded city slums to the most remote villages and my eyes were widely opened by the incredible need for a healthy life -- nutrition, sanitation, and protection against rape and abuse -- which UNICEF are stepping in to help provide,” Perry said.

Ms. Perry spent hours at the UNICEF-supported Ilaiko Child Protection centre speaking with a group of women and their children, most of whom had experienced abuse, abandonment or neglect, and were struggling to make ends meet.
The centre provides legal and social support, as well as training in basic skills, so that a young woman like Mariana can find work to support herself and her baby.

“What strikes me is how universal so many of these core problems are,” said Ms. Perry.

“Whether in Madagascar or in the USA, so many women experience the same thing. But here, clearly support can be hard to come by – that’s why it is amazing that centres like this one are here to help.”

UNICEF supports child protection interventions throughout the country, working with national authorities, medical, legal and psychological services. Right now, Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world, with most families unable to afford basic food and healthcare.

Want to raise funds for UNICEF? Here's some useful places to start.

*All photos by Unicef UK

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