Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dave Krache Foundation Helps Kids Play The Sports They Love


The Dave Krache Memorial Foundation was founded in 2012 to help local kids play in their community recreational league sports – even if his or her family is not in a financial position to afford the application or park fee. The Foundation focuses on boys and girls playing softball, baseball, football, and basketball, but is not limited to those sports and relies on support from small businesses and individual donors. To date, they have helped 15 kids (and counting) in Cobb and Cherokee counties play baseball, softball, and basketball!

Here are just a few groups and organizations they’ve supported in 2012:

The foundation recently received a $1000 donation from the Revenue Management team in Atlanta from InterContinental Hotel Group and are still in the market for some sponsors (especially for the 3 Mile/1 Mile runs in October). 

If you wish to become a sponsor please contact Allison Krache Giddens (davekrachesoftball@gmail.comThe Dave Krache Foundation 1635 Old Hwy 41 NW Ste 112-236 Kennesaw, GA 30152. If you wish to send a donation you can mail checks payable to The Dave Krache Foundation, and your money will go directly to kids! Yes, they are 501(c)3!

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