Monday, August 26, 2013

Food We Love To Eat: Mofongo at Versace's Dominican Restaurant

Traditional Dominican Mofongo

When you are raised in the Caribbean there are certain foods that you just can't live without. Mofongo and "patitas" pigs feet, are just two of my favorite guilty pleasures that I love to eat, but rarely can, since almost no one in Atlanta knows how to cook them the way they do it back home. Mofongo is basically green plantains that are fried, then mashed with garlic and crushed pork rinds. For me, mofongo is the equivalent of comfort food and is one of those things I like to eat when I'm feeling homesick. The mofongo at Versace's Dominican Restaurant in Lilburn, not only is absolutely delicious, but it taste as good or even better as the ones I used to eat back at the island. 

 Patitas de cerdo "Pigs feet"

Versace's Dominican Restaurant is a family style cafeteria/restaurant, with a big dinning room and Caribbean music playing all day on the background. The walls are decorated with art depicting several important colonial buildings around Dominican Republic and Puerto Plata. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of reasonably priced dishes and huge portions. Versace's Dominican Restaurant is a hidden gem that's worth the drive. One bite to their famous mofongo and you will be magically transported back to the Caribbean. I'm so glad I was able to discover this place. Something tells me I'll become a regular very soon. Versace's is one of those places where food is king and crisp, starchy, white tablecloths are useless. This is the place where you need to come when you want to indulge in real, authentic Caribbean food.  If you ever decide to come by, don't forget to order "flan" for dessert, it's smooth, silky and oh so creamy!!

 Art decorating the walls 

Casual cafeteria-style restaurant


Versace Dominican Restaurant: 510 Pleasant Hill Rd., Lilburn, GA, 30047 Phone: (770) 931-8412

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