Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Photo of the Day: "Food For The Furloughed" #encouragingitforward

a toddlers heart on the furlough

JessJudkins wants everyone who knows a family who is affected by the government shutdown to step it up and help. She started a new movement on instagram to help raise awareness and inspire others to give back. "I started this movement called encouragingitforward on instagram (#encouragingitforward) and I wanted to inspire and encourage others by showing them what I am teaching my son to do. 

Judah is now used to mommy crocheting hats and dropping them off at the NICU, or randomly dropping off encouragement cards in public places for strangers, paying for the persons Starbucks drink behind us or bringing over some chicken and dumplings to our elderly next door neighbor. So when Judah noticed something was off with his mommy (I was stressed about the furlough) and I tried to explain what was going on. His immediate reaction was thinking that we needed to help those who are hungry. 

Instead of stressing out I decided to follow my sons advice and go around our neighborhood and ask others if they would donate canned items to a local food bank. We live in Fairfax and our area has been hit pretty hard with people being on furlough. I'm getting email notifications from local food banks letting people know they need items". 

Read the full story here
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