Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May Is National Physical Fitness And Sports Month

Last year’s FitnessGram results showed that only 16 percent of Georgia schoolchildren were able to pass five basic tests of physical fitness, and 20 percent were unable to pass any of the tests regardless of weight.  State officials compared our children’s fitness levels to those of senior citizens - with many unable to walk a mile, touch their toes or do a push-up. While these outcomes sound daunting the good news is that the health implications associated with a lack of activity (and often increased screen time) can be reversed by getting your kids to PLAY!  Let Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s experts show you how:

Your child needs at least 60 minutes of activity a day. But let’s face it: inspiring kids to move around for an hour each day can require serious parental. Children’s experts are arming parents with the motivational tips and tools needed to turn even the staunchest of slugs into activity aficionados.  If you keep it fun, they’ll keep moving! 
·        TestYour Activity IQ
True or false: Active kids aren’t just healthier; they do better in school and are often in a better mood.  It’s all true! Fit kids are typically healthier and happier. Take our fitness IQ quiz and separate fact from fiction when it comes to the importance of activity for your family and learn why more play time is just what the doctor ordered! 
·        11Reasons to Get Kids Playing
 You already know regular activity is good for your family. But do you know how good? From improving grades to cementing friendships, learn why playing is worth it for your whole family! 

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