Thursday, May 1, 2014

National Screen Free Week is May 5-11! Learn How You Can Dial Down Your Family’s Screen Time and Give your Family a Digital Detox

Common Sense Media reports that 40% of children under 2 years old have used smart phones and tablets. By now we know that most of our kids, and even ourselves, could use a digitaldetox.

Did you know that the average 8 to 18 year old looks at a screen around 7.5 hours a day? Did you also know that 1/3 of children have a television in their bedroom? Or that excessive screen time can be causing your child to be losing sleep, falling behind on school projects and increase their risk of health diseases caused by inactivity?

Next week (May 5-11) is National Screen Free Week and, as I am sure you know, kids today are spending so much time in front of various screens (TVs, phones, tablets, video games, etc.).  With that in mind, please check out Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s for valuable screen time information and expert advice on how you can dialdown your family’s screen time and give your family a DigitalDetox.

Personally, my youngest started developing addictive tendencies toward anything digital and he has been in a digital detox for the past 3 months. Yep, 3 months! No computer, video games, smartphones, or tablets. He was very resistant to this “detox” and in all honesty I thought he wouldn't last more than 2 days but surprisingly he has taken this detox very serious. He now plays outside more often, is more relax, happier, more focused and has dramatically increased his grades at school. He plays the flute and practices Taekwondo every day. When we go to places that have a video game section, he doesn't even go to see what's new. He just lost interest and has replaced his digital obsession with playing with legos. So at the end, it has been a win, win situation for everyone. I'm planing to return some of his privileges once school is over but this time I'll enforce a digital detox at least one a week. Children just don't have the capacity to do a detox unless it's enforced by a parent. 

Have you ever enforced a digital detox at home? Tell us how it went!

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