Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What's Happy This Week: Muscle Shoals Middle School Video Promoting Individuality & Acceptance

You cannot have a happy life if you cannot accept yourself for who you really are. Self-acceptance is the most important factor in our ability to live a happy life, and is the one habit that we often practice the least. The teachers and students of Muscle Shoals Middle School made a remarkable online video to spread the message of acceptance and embracing individuality not just at Middle Shoals, but everywhere. Muscle Shoals Middle School Principal Matthew Carpenter said the project resulted from brainstorming sessions of how to promote messages of positivity for the school.

"We live in a very diverse world and we encourage the importance of embracing it," he said. "We hope this helps move in that direction.

The message behind the video is the importance of understanding human differences and embracing those differences in order to create a positive and caring school culture and climate.

The message preceding the video ends with a three word mantra that everyone who views it should take away with them.
"Be kind. Always."

If you were in the video, what would your sign say? Let us know in the comment section.

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