Saturday, November 15, 2014

I Met Paula Deen and She is AWESOME!

On Monday November 10, Celebrity chef Paula Deen visited Atlanta to promote her live cooking show, Paula Deen Live!, presented by Springer Mountain Farms Chicken. Paula Deen Live Holiday Edition! will be at the Atlanta Symphony Hall at Woodruff Arts Center this Sunday.

I was so lucky to be invited the meet and greet event at the Guy Gunter Showroom House. I was so curious so see her cooking live and interacting with bloggers and media. I always wonder is she really that nice? Yes she is! Paula is such a beautiful spirit, as soon as she enters the room everyone smiles. She is very affectionate, kind, and a very down to earth person. She acknowledges every single person in the room and makes the effort to connects with them one by one.

Her husband Michael was there too and it was so wonderful to see how much love they have for each other. They make a great couple, and I don't think Paula would be able to do all she does without his support. Paula not only talked about her cooking show, but she sat on the table with the rest of us and shared personal stories and family pictures.

Did you know Paula is a huge animal lover? She rescued an injured baby squirrel back in Savannah. She named it “Earl” and hand fed the little guy with a mixture of oatmeal and milk supplement for almost three months. By then the squirrel was so used to be with Paula and Michael that when he was finally released to the world, the little guy came running back as if “Hey! What's going on? I like it here!”.

It's clear that Paula is a very nurturing person and she puts love in everything she does. Her recipes are so comforting and it is the type of food that gives you a hug from the inside out.

Paula Deen is launching a new online network with new cooking shows and recipes added daily. You can also go beyond the kitchen in EXCLUSIVE reality shows, watch all the classic Paula's cooking shows, and get money saving tips and tricks that make meal planning easy, affordable and delicious. 

We had a Q&A at the end and I deeply regret not telling her what was really on my mind, but I will do it now. 

Paula, I am so glad you are back! I miss watching you cook and listening how to make the perfect meal in that thick southern accent of yours. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Chin up! You are awesome! 

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