Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rainforest Adventures at The Center of Puppetry Arts

Prepare for a wild adventure beneath the Brazilian tree tops with toucans, anteaters, poison frogs, and more! 

Check out the OPENING WEEKEND as well as
special SENSORY-FRIENDLY activities.

It's a jungle out there in this entertaining and enlightening peek at the amazing Amazonian rainforest!

Experience a day in the life of more than 30 exotic animals that live in this vital ecosystem.  

A mischievous howler monkey leaps from tree to tree, a keen-eyed harpy eagle searches for its next meal, and pink river dolphins playfully peruse the waterways as the jungle comes to life in this vibrant escape to the tropics.

Tickets: $16.50|Members: $9.25
Buy tickets online or call 404-873-3391

Tickets include Performance, Museum entry, and the Create-A-Puppet Workshop where patrons can make their own Electric Eel Ultraviolet Puppet to take home!

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