Monday, February 23, 2015

STEM Expo at Fernbank Science Center

SlingShot Screening Promoted by Fernbank LINKS Robotics & Team 4468

The purpose of the expo is to show students and their parents about STEM learning opportunities in the various robotics competitions centered at Fernbank Science Center.  Visitors will have the chance to drive real robots, and meet past and present team members, parents, mentors, sponsors and coaches to get the whole story about the dynamics of participating on a robotics team.

SlingShot is a documentary film about Dean Kamen’s invention of an energy efficient vapor compression distiller that can turn any unfit source of water (seawater, poisoned well water, river sludge, etc.) into potable, safe water without any need for chemical additives or filters. 

Intended for use in the developing world, the SlingShot purifier is designed to require little to no maintenance. Kamen sees access to clean water as a key building block for progress in much of the developing world.


For more information, call Fernbank Science Center at 678-874-7102 or see its website, Tickets for the 4:00 pm screening are available at:

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