Thursday, March 1, 2012

an Aha! Moment on Happiness

There's no secret to happiness. There's no special formula, happiness project, self-help book or “tips” that can help you achieve it. Happiness is one of those things you think is easy to achieve when the reality is that it's one of the hardest. It took me years to understand such simple concept. Happiness is a skill that needs to be learn and practice.

I was one of those people who believed that joy, euphoria, or even pleasure was a clear sign of happiness but I was wrong. I have learned over the years that happiness is a much deeper concept. Happiness doesn’t come from external sources, but from a deeper place in our soul. Happiness is not something that can be defined, for the merely fact that once you try to do it, you immediately deprived the person standing next to you from achieving their own. You cannot dictate to other people what happiness is. You can only lead them to find their own. 

One thing is for sure. You have to be brave in order to be happy. During my personal journey, I discovered that it was not until I had the courage to make up my mind about the type of life I wanted to live, that I started to see changes in my life. 

You know that slogan that says “Happiness is a Choice”? I didn't get it back then but do I get it now... You need to be brave and have the courage to go against all the things that are depriving you from leading a happy life. You need to choose. Do I continue living like this or do I move forward and embrace a different life? How do I want my story to end? Happy? Sad? Choose wisely. An eternity of happiness awaits you at the end of the tunnel.”
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