Thursday, June 21, 2012

Video Submission for Legoland Discovery Center - Meet Exol Legoland Mini Apprentice Candidate

I can't remember a time this boy didn't have a LEGO in his hands. LEGO's has always been an important part of Exol's development. He can do anything with them. He can build lighthouses, gigantic spaceships, to anything in between. I called him the "Alton Brown" of LEGO for his unique ability to lecture anyone he comes into contact with.

Is funny how LEGO has allowed me, to sneak peek into my son's future. Exol only likes building, he do play video games but his true strength lies in designing and building. If you come to his room and open his desk you will find a bunch of papers with drawing of designs he comes up with. I love how he always write Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and so on on every single paper. 

Exol's spatial visualization ability makes him a great candidate for the LEGO Mini Apprentice Program. Exol's perceptual and cognitive abilities enables him to complete any task faster than a regular person.

Exol's natural born ability in math, science, and spatial intelligence comes from a long ancestry line of engineers, architects, and doctors on both side of the family. I guess he "inherit" the "gene" ;)

Please, if you are from Legoland and you are reading this I urge you to choose Exol as one of your LEGO Mini Apprentice and help him achieve his childhood dream.

Please watch the entire video. The last 2 minutes are the best ;D 

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