Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What's Happy This Week? Inspirational Artwork by Belén Segarra

Belén Segarra,  is a young illustrator from Valencia, Spain. She dreams of becoming a children's book illustrator.  Her artwork evokes ones curiosity, is poetic, sublime and whimsical. Belén was born in December but she hates the cold. Collecting vintage photographs, buttons and notebooks are the little things that makes her happy. 

My absolutely favorite illustration from her is the "Bluebird Woman". I'm obsessed with this one. This is such a unique piece. I love the colors and the style. Simply stunning! 

Belén sells her artwork at society6 which is great since it lets you order your favorite illustration in different media (stationary, pillows, iphone covers, laptop skins). To view more illustrations by Belén Segarra please go here.

Bluebird Stationery Cards
 Bluebird iPhone Case
Bluebird Laptop & iPad Skin

Las gafas redondas. Art Print 





Señor Oso Art Print

Dreams Art Print 

Groenlandia. Art Print 

 Musa Art Print
Bear (Palm Beach) Art Print 

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