Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wealthy Habits A Powerful Free Financial Workshop in Atlanta Teaches Kids How to be Money-Smarts


Wealthy Habits is a 2-day powerful financial workshop for children 11-18 that puts fun into finance using student interaction and engaging games. It provides a great opportunity for kids to learn the importance of money and the part it plays in building a successful future.  

Through activities like The Money Game, teens and pre-teens understand the benefits of making goals, building assets, and being accountable for their financial choices.

The program is tremendously valuable to developing students as it provides the knowledge and tools to help create “wealthy habits” and catapult them into successful, prosperous futures.  

Classes are free to all students ages 11-18, and covered topics include: 

•       How to make money through jobs

        and entrepreneurship
•       How to manage money by budgeting
•       How to multiply money by investing
•       How to think like the wealthy
•       Managing risk, not avoiding it

•       Financial diversification
•       Benefits of saving early & often

The WHW is brought to you by the Rosen Family Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3).

1200 Ashwood Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia 30338
Phone(678) 218-1299
Website  http://www.rosenfoundation.org
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