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Explore Georgia: Tybee Island Tips No One Tells You About

Ever wonder how can you maximize your visit to Tybee Island? We have gathered the best insider tips so you can plan a dream trip to one of the most unique places you'll ever visit. BEST PLACE TO LAY DOWN YOUR TOWEL Park near the Tybee Beach Beach and Pavilion ( Tybrisa St, Tybee Island, GA 31328) use the bridge  in front of the Tybee Island Marine Center  turn right and walk towards the rock formation close to the sand dunes. This portion of the beach has a smoother sand, lots of shallow areas that are perfect for little kids to bathe safely, is less crowded, and because it's close to the sand dunes you will see a large variety of seaside birds.

What's Happy This Week (06-12-2011)

1. The Bluebird Patch

Yes, the day has finally arrived. The Bluebird Patch is now a brand. Words cannot describe how happy I am feeling right know. The new domain and blog makeover is just the tip of the iceberg. We are currently working on new and exciting projects to help others spread happiness and live mindfully. Until then, please subscribe to our blog (we lost all of our followers in the transition) and take your time to browse our site.

2. The Happy Bunch

Every company has a team that makes things happen. In our case our team is somewhat unusual but hey, it works! Our team members gets the work done and do their fair share even if it just taking out the trash ;-)

★ Liza Cardona (head bird), powerful bilingual Latina blogger with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology,  mother of 2 kids and 2 dogs, entrepreneur, self confessed foodie/green tea/chocolate and movie enthusiast in no particular order.

★ Miss A, 10 yr old female; full time honor roll student, singer, artist,  jewellery maker, guitar player, dog lover,  sweet and caring personality, all around a good gal.

★ Mr E jr., 9 yr old male; full time student,  gifted IQ, proud boy scout, pizza lover, obsessed with Legos, Star Wars, video games, cats and Nerf guns. Knowledge seeker, kind and lover of family &  friends

★ Mr E,  male, veteran, head bird husband, engineer, loves watching the History Channel and How it's Made, can fix almost anything around the house. Love collecting old bills and coins and going to the shooting range. So intruders watch out! ;-)

★ Mr Cooper, a 4 yr old male Cocker Spaniel with uncanny tracking abilities, obsessed with birds and squirrels,  loves sticking his head out of the car window, going to the dog park, eating peanut butter biscuits,  and playing with his squeaky toys.

★ Mr. Tiny, a 5 yr old male white and tan long hair chihuahua with super sonic hearing. He loves sleeping under Mr. E's bed and having back rubs. He enjoys chicken jerky treats and riding in Miss L bicycle basket. 

3. Alice Bucket List

Alice Pyne who has been diagnosed with cancer and has written a 'bucket list' of her goals. Photograph: London Media
A terminally-ill British teenager has become an online hit after posting a wish list of things she would like to do before she dies on her personal blog

Alice Pyne, 15, has been battling a deadly form of cancer for the last four years, and recently got news that her cancer is spreading throughout her body. 

"I know that the cancer is gaining on me and it doesn't look like I'm going to win this one," she writes. Alice started her blog a few days ago as a way to keep her friends and family updated on her progress, and thought it would be "fun" to write a so-called 'bucket list'. 

"Mum always tells me that life is what we make of it and so I'm going to make the best of what I have and because there were so many things I still wanted to do, mum suggested that I turn my ideas into a bucket list." 

One of her biggest wishes is that "everyone sign up to be a bone marrow donor", and this hope, along with Pyne's name, was mentioned in the British parliament on Wednesday. 

Alice's 'bucket list' has since become one of the most popular topics online with people from all around the world, including pop star Katy Perry, tweeting the hashtag #alicesbucketlist

Alice was able to have one of her wishes granted by being able to trend on twitter. Her ability to become an instant internet phenomenon reminded me of one of the basic principles of happiness. Help others and happiness will come knocking at your door.

4. Staci Clark

This law school graduate turned web designer is the person responsible for creating all the birdies on this site. She took her time to listen and understand my vision. She is wickedly funny, and is also a proud momma of a Cocker Spaniel and a Chihuahua Mix. You can check her portfolio at


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