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How to Build a Resume That Stands Out Visually To Help Your Teen Land Their First Job

Creating a captivating resume that sparkles bright enough to catch an employer's attention is an art on its own terms.

With the ramp up pressure kids experience at school and the need to sign up to too many extracurricular activities, it’s no surprise how the number of teens employed have been declining over the past decades.
There are many benefits (and risks) of adolescent employment. The decision to allow your teen to have an after school job should be a well thought-out family decision based on how well they can manage responsibilities, time management and money.

But if your teen is ready to take the plunge the first thing they need to figure out is how to build a resume that stands out even if they don’t have any work experience.

But where to start? How do can you create a snapshot of your ambitions, show your strengths and interests and captive an employers attention?
This is the part Canvas comes in and rescues the day. If you are unfamiliar Canvas, this is a graphic-design t…

The Bluebird Patch Joins The Strong 4 Life Campaign Against Childhood Obesity

In case you have been living under a rock nearly 1 million kids in Georgia are overweight or obese. The state of Georgia has the second worst rate of childhood obesity in the United States, falling just behind Mississippi. What's even worst 75% of parents in Georgia who have overweight or obese children do not recognize the problem.

Excuses such as my child is not fat or obese, he or she is just big-boned, or it's baby weight it will pass, are common and extremely damaging. Obese children are at risk for developing heart disease, hypertension, liver and kidney disease and type 2 diabetes.


I always wondered, why do parents even though they are perfectly aware of the devastating consequences of childhood obesity, still choose to passively accept it, and don't do anything about it? If we are able to solve this mystery, maybe we could win the fight against childhood obesity.

One thing I learned from my meeting with the Strong 4 Life team at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is that we, as parents, need to regain control of our children's food choices. When kids are younger they only eat, what we as parents provide them.
The problem is, as they grow up, we let them eat what they choose. This is were we loose the battle. Unless, we regain this control of the food choices our kids are able to have, the fight against childhood obesity will never seek an end.

Responsible parenting is a very controversial term when it comes to childhood obesity. Many people believe this is a way of blaming parents for their child's weight. The reality is “responsible parenting” is more about being smart, and regaining control of the type of food that makes it to our table. Think about it., if you only have fruits and healthy snacks at home when your kids are hungry, they will eventually eat it. Is really that simple...

So today's lesson is: Shop smart and regain control of the food that makes it to your table. Remember, the goal should never be to loose the weight, but to make permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle. Don't get overwhelmed. Start with one goal, maybe choose grilled foods over fry foods, maybe you can start by walking every day, or maybe you might want to start by reducing the amount of sugar your child consumes. It really doesn't matter where you want to start as long as you start and commits to it.

If you need recipes or ideas of what to cook for your child,  we will periodically tweet healthy recipes so you might want to follow us on twitter so you can pin it, print it or bookmark them.

For more information about the Strong 4 Life program at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta please visit:


  1. You're doing great work. Keep it up! It takes a lot of help on all sides to make changes. Even small changes are good.


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