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How to Build a Resume That Stands Out Visually To Help Your Teen Land Their First Job

Creating a captivating resume that sparkles bright enough to catch an employer's attention is an art on its own terms.

With the ramp up pressure kids experience at school and the need to sign up to too many extracurricular activities, it’s no surprise how the number of teens employed have been declining over the past decades.
There are many benefits (and risks) of adolescent employment. The decision to allow your teen to have an after school job should be a well thought-out family decision based on how well they can manage responsibilities, time management and money.

But if your teen is ready to take the plunge the first thing they need to figure out is how to build a resume that stands out even if they don’t have any work experience.

But where to start? How do can you create a snapshot of your ambitions, show your strengths and interests and captive an employers attention?
This is the part Canvas comes in and rescues the day. If you are unfamiliar Canvas, this is a graphic-design t…

Chirpy on a Branch! Treetop Quest Offers Unique Family Friendly Eco-Adventure For All Ages - Giveaway

There are so many cool attractions in Gwinnett that I have on my bucket list. Luckily, today I can say I can scratch one off. This past weekend our friends at Treetop Quest invited us to experience a very unique eco-adventure. Zip-lining through a lush jungle of trees. If you are unfamiliar with Treetop Quest, this is a unique family friendly obstacle course for all ages, and is one of those things that you need to try at least once in your lifetime.

Treetop Quest offers innovative, engaging recreation for adults and children. It features zip lines, monkey bridges, Tarzan swings and flying foxes at heights of up to 55 feet off the forest floor! 


Treetop Quest is a self-guided activity. Once you are equipped, they will teach you how to operate your equipment and you will be good to swing through each course as many times as you want, for 2.5 hours (according to age limits).

Treetop Quest is about teaching people about nature and the environment. You will find educational posters throughout the park and integrated quizzes, and in order to find the answers you need to go through the different obstacles courses.

Sustainable development is the intrinsic theme for the activity at Treetop Quest. Guests at the park will learn about and engage in the environment while having a minimal impact on the natural surroundings. The structures at Treetop Quest are absolutely treatment-free with no nails, screws or puncturing of any tree. 


At Treetop Quest, they can cater to many types of groups and organizations such as company retreats, school field trips, scouts, church groups, birthday parties, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. They also have a night climb for the very adventurous group!

Treetop Quest also offers the opportunity for organizations to raise funds through their Treetop Quest Fuzz Raise Card. 

  There are 2 Ways to Raise Funds 

  The Fuzz Card is a one-time use card that provides a 50% discount off Treetop Quest’s regular admission price 

  Option # 1: Your organization sells the card for $5 each and keeps 40% of the profits. For each card sold, $2 of the profits will go to your organization. To see the Order Form for the Option # 1, click here

  Option # 2: Your organization buys a predetermined number of Fuzz Cards (in pack of 20) for $2.50 and sells the card for $5 each and keeps 50% of the profits. To place an order with Option #2, click here

For more information and to place an order, download the Fundraiser Overview by clicking here

Treetop Quest is allowing one lucky Bluebird Patch reader to win 2 tickets to Treetop Quest. All you have to do is to watch the video and tell us what's you favorite thing at Treetop Quest. After watching the video please leave us a comment and proceed to register your entry using our Rafflecopter widget. You can tweet daily for extra entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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